Lighting Solutions

We provide a range of lighting solutions to suit your needs. 

  • Security Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Design and feature lighting
  • Garden Lighting

Electrical Solutions

  • House Rewiring
  • Wiring for new builds and extensions
  • Fuse Board Replacements
  • Electrical Shower Installation
  • Home Entertainment Systems

Electrical Consultancy Service

JDES offer a comprehensive approach to ensuring your home is up to electrical standards.

Our qualified team of electricians are available to test and certify your home or business and also advise you on grants available. We send a qualified certifier, who is approved and registered with Safe Electric to your property to thoroughly inspect your electrical installation.

Potential hazards are identified and noted, and advice and recommendations are made to the client based on the condition of their electrical installation and their unique electrical requirements. Our electrician will identify and replace worn or faulty parts before they cause larger problems.

Energy Saving

JDES can offer clients recommendations and advice on upgrading their electrical systems to maximise energy efficiency and reduce energy bills.

Many older properties have out-of-date, inefficient lighting that uses much more energy than current LED lighting. Properties such as office blocks and industrial complexes may be unnecessarily wasting hundreds of euros in energy bills every year.

Our team of electricians are available to carry out energy audits in all kinds of properties. These audits look at the existing lighting, and determine the kilowatt usage and cost, and make a comparison with new LED lighting kilowatts and running costs. A cost comparison report and recommendation will be made as a result of the audit, showing the cost to replace, the savings, and the return of investment time, which in most cases is less than 3 years.

We base all our recommendations and proposals on our expert knowledge of the latest electrical products available on the market today.

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After Hours Support

JDES contract customers have a dedicated telephone number to call should they require assistance.
This line is open after hours throughout the whole year.